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Saturday 22nd June 2002 | TVL Division 5A

Old Merchant Taylors 3rd XI

234 - 9


Wooburn Narkovians 2nd XI

156 all out

Wooburn Narkovians lose by 78 runs
Points: Wooburn Narkovians 7, Old Merchant Taylors 25
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Match Report

Match Report

The 2nd XI\s visit to OMT 3rd XI will not live in the memory for too long. The reality of playing league cricket against 3rd XIs finally hit home when we were presented with a pitch that had more weeds on it than grass (only a slight exaggeration), and a boundary that was barely 25 yards at one end. Before the game, OMT\s skipper described the pitch as \erratic\, by the end, one or two other words had come to mind. The Wooburn players could be forgiven for wondering what they were doing there.

The uninspiring conditions inevitably affected the Wooburn players, and OMT got off to a flier after being put in. Adopting an attitude of \if it\s in my half I\m going to hit it, because the next one may have my name on it\, they thrashed their way to 83 after 15 overs, thanks largely to a series of cross-batted hoicks away on the legside. It was a very long time before an OMT player managed to present a straight bat. That said, a consistent off stump line would surely have brought greater success to the bowlers. Wooburn also dropped a number of catches, which only added to their woes.

The middle of the innings continued in much the same way, the batsmen continuing to be blissfully unaware of where they were trying to hit the ball. Time and again, top edges flew just wide of the fielders. Field placing was a lottery, as the ball had the capability of going anywhere at any time. OMT eventually slogged and thick-edged their way to a massive 234-9 before closing the innings after 51 overs. Tim Waxman returned 5-79 in his first outing of the season, and Graham Dare (1-37) and Ben Sturgess brought some control towards the end.

Wooburn got off to the worst possible start when Angus Porter, the backbone of their batting, was adjudged lbw in the second over. There was a suspicion that he may have got outside the line, but it was the second loud shout in successive balls, so he found himself on his way. The Cuthbert brothers, Alan and Paul, then took the score to 55 in difficult conditions. The bowling was awkward, especially when the ball pitched on a weed, of which there were plenty to aim at.

After making 27, Paul top-edged a skier and was comfortably caught in the gully region. Brother Alan followed at 80, and then Stuart Savage departed at 84. Victory was now effectively out of reach, but Graham Dare now put up spirited resistance, hitting 9 fours and a six in his first fifty for the club. The rest of the batting gradually subsided until Ben Sturgess joined Dare in a stand of 33 for the last (ninth) wicket. This gained us two more bonus points, which slightly improved Wooburn spirits.

Sour grapes? Possibly, but if 3rd XI\s want to compete in the same league structure as 1st and 2nd XIs, then their facilities should be up to the required standard. This patently was not the case at OMT. Luckily, the match at Slough 3rd XI was rained off, but we still face a trip to Windsor. We look forward to it.


Old Merchant Taylors 3rd XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
K.P. Edwards b T. Waxman 4 6 1
J.P. Harrison b T. Waxman 9 20 2
D.P. Herbert b T. Waxman 38 49 2 2
R.P. Winkle b T. Waxman 32 45 6
M. Gentleman c A. Cuthbert b G. Dare 8 22 1
R. Shergold c D. Small b B. Sturgess 47 57 6 2
G.P. Ebdon-Hussey b T. Waxman 2 5
H.J. Pelham c & b D. Small 20 78 3
J.J. Blanch lbw D. Small 29 60 3
A. Uttley not out 9 18 1
R. Doughty not out 0 6
Extras 1nb 23w 10b 2lb 36
Total (51.0 overs) 234-9
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
D.J. Small 13.0 1 59 2 4.5
T.P. Waxman 15.0 1 79 5 5.3
G. Dare 12.0 4 37 1 3.1
B. Sturgess 6.0 1 24 1 4.0
P.W. Cuthbert 6.0 0 23 0 3.8
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
6-1 K. Edwards
19-2 J. Harrison
83-3 D. Herbert
97-4 R. Winkle
114-5 M. Gentleman
118-6 G. Ebdon-Hussey
171-7 R. Shergold
213-8 H. Pelham
233-9 J. Blanch

Wooburn Narkovians 2nd XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
A. Porter lbw M. Gentleman 8 5 2
A.J. Cuthbert lbw R. Doughty 17 62 4
P.W. Cuthbert c H. Pelham b A. Uttley 27 40 3
S.A. Savage c b R. Doughty 16 30 2 1
G. Dare not out 53 75 9 1
C. Hall b R. Doughty 0 7
N. Purchase c b J. Blanch 1 10
D.J. Small run out () 8 15 2
T.P. Waxman c b R. Doughty 6 6 1
B. Sturgess c b R. Doughty 1 25
Extras 4nb 12w 1b 2lb 19
Total (41.4 overs) 156-10
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
A. Uttley 11.0 1 55 1 5.0
M. Gentleman 7.0 0 31 1 4.4
R. Doughty 13.4 7 18 5 1.3
J. Blanch 7.0 3 29 1 4.1
G. Ebdon-Hussey 3.0 0 20 0 6.7
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
10-1 A. Porter
55-2 P.W. Cuthbert
80-3 A.J. Cuthbert
84-4 S.A. Savage
88-5 C. Hall
97-6 N. Purchase
111-7 D.J. Small
123-8 T.P. Waxman
156-9 B. Sturgess

Start Time: 13:30
Toss: Wooburn Narkovians won the toss and decided to bowl.
Venue: Durrants, Old Merchant Taylors
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