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Saturday 25th July 1998 | TVL Division 3

Wooburn Narkovians 2nd XI

115 all out


Burnham 2nd XI

100 all out

Wooburn Narkovians win by 15 runs
Points: Wooburn Narkovians 25, Burnham 6
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Match Report

Match Report


A seven wicket haul from Wooburn Narkovians 2nd XI captain Phil Day brought his side a remarkable win against promotion-chasers Burnham 2nds on Saturday. Wooburn batted first but were reduced to 115 all out, and after Burnham had reached 82-1, the game looked over. However, when Burnham had moved on to 93-3 with 18 overs remaining, Day produced a devastating spell of fast bowling. None of the Burnham batsmen were able to deal with it, and seven wickets fell for just seven runs to give Wooburn an incredible 25 point victory.

There had been little inkling of the drama to come as Burnham won the toss and put Wooburn in to bat. Rehman trapped Derek Milsom leg before early on, and Charlie Stevens accounted for Steve Sweet and John Saunders with a good yorker and a terrific reflex catch. Rob Smith (21) and Phil Day (26) steadied the innings before the Wooburn skipper was bowled by Asif. Morrell and Rob Rogers added useful runs as the home side stuttered to 115 all out. Stevens took 5-25 from 14 overs while Nigel Haines took 3-27 from 15.2 overs.

In reply, Wooburn gained an early success when Dave Small struck with his second ball to remove Mahmood, while Khan was dropped first ball. Khan went on to make 27 while Raja scored 53 as Burnham cruised to 82-1. However, they were to be the only two batsmen to make more than three as Day went on to take 7-27 from 15.2 overs in a memorable personal performance.

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Wooburn Narkovians 2nd XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
D. Milsom lbw S. Rehman 0
R.B. Smith b N. Haines 21 1
S. Sweet b C. Stevens 5
J.R. Saunders c & b C. Stevens 6
P.A. Day b M. Asif 26 2 1
K. Morrell b C. Stevens 12 1
R.J. Rogers c K. Mahmood b N. Haines 14
D. Gandesha b N. Haines 3
D. Appleby b C. Stevens 0
C. Paul b C. Stevens 2
D.J. Small not out 0
Extras 0nb 5w 13b 9lb 27
Total (48.2 overs) 115-10
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
S. Rehman 9.0 2 21 1 2.3
C. Stevens 14.0 3 25 5 1.8
M. Asif 10.0 4 22 1 2.2
N. Haines 15.2 2 27 3 1.7
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
1-1 D. Milsom
7-2 S. Sweet
15-3 J.R. Saunders
61-4 P.A. Day
81-5 R.B. Smith
100-6 K. Morrell
113-7 R.J. Rogers
113-8 D. Appleby
115-9 C. Paul
115-10 D. Gandesha

Burnham 2nd XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
K.J. Mahmood c K. Morrell b D. Small 1
Z.A. Raja b P. Day 53
S.A. Khan c R. Smith b P. Day 27
I.J. Ahmed lbw R. Rogers 0
Y.A. Khan b P. Day 3
B.A. Sidhu b P. Day 0
M.A. Asif b P. Day 0
S.A. Rehman c D. Appleby b P. Day 3
C.A. Stevens b P. Day 0
N. Haines not out 0
Extras 13nb 1w 9b 3lb 0
Total (30.2 overs) 100-10
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
P.A. Day 15.2 6 27 7 1.7
D.J. Small 6.0 0 33 1 5.5
R.J. Rogers 9.0 2 28 1 3.1
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
7-1 K. Mahmood
82-2 S. Khan
85-3 I. Ahmed
93-4 Z. Raja
93-5 B. Sidhu
93-6 M. Asif
99-7 S. Rehman
99-8 C. Stevens
100-9 Y. Khan

Start Time: 13:30
Toss: Burnham won the toss and decided to bowl.
Venue: Wooburn Park
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