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Sunday 27th August 2006 | Friendly

Amersham Hill Sun XI 1s

188 - 9


Wooburn Narkovians Sun XI 1s

187 - 9

Wooburn Narkovians lose by 1 wicket
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Match Report

Match Report

Upon winning the toss and fearing the worst with his batting, the Hills skipper inserted Wooburn on a decent pitch hoping to get the best from the new ball. Wooburn sent in the Tennant all-rounders Gerry and Chubbs but the partnership was curtailed on 23 in the seventh over when Gerry was caught behind.

Tom Lees joined Chubbs and set about consolidating whilst his partner scored freely at the other end. Next Chubbs was bowled for a good-looking 27, followed shortly after by Luke Carter who never really settled. The score was now 58-3 after 14 overs and the innings looked like stalling, but the veteran Richie Barker and the ever more reliable Tom dug in and started to pull things around, aided by Richie being missed behind.

The miss proved expensive as together they put on a 100 before Tom was lbw to a wrong ‘un bowled by the impressive 15 year old D’Costa. Rob Hall Sr full of confidence from last weeks hooked four chipped and chased for a fine 11 before running out of steam and getting stumped. Richie was also stumped off another terrific D’Costa delivery for 60.

George Taylor came and went given out lbw, whilst claiming that the ball had not touched his toe. No matter what the truth surely some bowlers will pay for this lean patch soon. Sam McCarthy scoring his first runs in senior cricket along with Ally Paine and Rob Hall Jr completed the 40 overs taking the score to a competitive 187-9, with Ally and Rob being D’Costa’s final two victims.

After tea was taken Matt Curtis scared everyone by telling them he was going to have a bowl and, with Amersham’s skipper’s permission, Rob Hall Sr dropped out for ten year old Andrew Barker to make his debut. Ally Paine put in another fine opening display ending up with 4-31 off his 8 allotted overs. Rob Hall Jr struggled with running up the hill in his first spell of 4 and was replaced by his compatriot in the colts Sam McCarthy who took 2-17 in his 4 overs.

During all this the game took on the feel of an international limited overs match as an injured Tom Lees was replaced in the field by the replaced Rob Hall Sr. Although Wooburn were on top at this point T. Halliday and Extras kept on plugging away with Halliday being particularly harsh on the hapless Curtis. With years of abuse his back decided to come to Wooburns aid allowing Gerry to show his promise as a bowler.

Meanwhile George had taken over from Sam at the other end and preceded to bowl 5 overs of off spin, generating both turn and bounce to get rid of the top scoring Halliday for 73. Gerry removed the Hills skipper Fletcher and caught and bowled the tonking Evans in his first 4 overs.

At this point with the game hanging in the balance Wooburn threw caution to the wind and played their trump card. Debutant Andrew Barker after announcing to the highly amused Australian umpire that he intended to bowl leg spin, he proceeded to bowl 3 overs 1 maiden for only 6 runs, producing big spin and keeping a terrific line and length . So impressed was the said umpire he inquired if he could take him to Australia to replace another blonde, but ageing, leggy.

With one wicket needed, Rob Hall Jr having come to terms with the hill had a much better second spell showing good control and composure whilst bowling at the death. He was unfortunate not to take a wicket in his 8 overs. D’Costa and R. Mckenzie continued to battle hard for the final wicket in the face of some hostile pace bowling from Gerry and the game took a seemingly fitting end when after his long and diligent innings Extras winged his way to the boundary yet again with three overs to spare.


Wooburn Narkovians Sun XI 1s

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
M.S. Tennant b R. McKenzie 27 5
M.A. Tennant c b G. McKenzie 38
T. Lees lbw B. D'Costa 52 6
L. Carter c b A. Patel 1
R.N. Barker st b B. D'Costa 60 10
R.I. Hall Snr st b D. Minear 11 1
G. Taylor lbw D. Minear 1
S. McCarthy not out 3
A. Paine b B. D'Costa 3
R.J. Hall st b B. D'Costa 4
M. Curtis 0
Extras 1nb 4w 11b 6lb 22
Total (40.0 overs) 187-9
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
G. McKenzie 6.0 0 21 1 3.5
R. McKenzie 7.0 0 25 1 3.6
C. Fletcher 5.0 0 14 1 2.8
A. Patel 6.0 0 23 1 3.8
C. Tucker 6.0 1 19 0 3.2
B. D'Costa 5.0 0 42 4 8.4
D. Minear 4.0 0 25 2 6.2
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
23-1 M.A. Tennant
54-2 M.S. Tennant
58-3 L. Carter

Amersham Hill Sun XI 1s

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
D. Minear c L. Carter b A. Paine 11
T. Halliday c M. Tennant b G. Taylor 73
G. McKenzie b A. Paine 0
T. Fletcher b A. Paine 0
A. Patel b A. Paine 1
D. Telford st M. Tennant b S. McCarthy 13
C. Tucker lbw S. McCarthy 0
C.A. Fletcher c R. Barker b M. Tennant 14
J.A. Evans c & b M. Tennant 11
B. D'Costa not out 9
R. McKenzie not out 12
Extras 3nb 21w 20b 0lb 44
Total (37.0 overs) 188-9
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
A. Paine 8.0 3 31 4 3.9
R.J. Hall 8.0 0 40 0 5.0
S. McCarthy 5.0 1 21 2 4.2
M. Curtis 2.0 0 18 0 9.0
G. Taylor 5.0 0 31 1 6.2
M.A. Tennant 6.0 2 21 2 3.5
R.N. Barker 3.0 1 6 0 2.0
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
Sorry! Fall of Wicket information for this Amersham Hill Sun XI 1s innings has not been entered in the database.

Start Time: 14:00
Toss: Amersham Hill won the toss and decided to bowl.
Venue: Woodside Road, Amersham on the Hill
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