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Saturday 16th August 2008 | TVL Division 6B

Kidmore End 2nd XI

171 - 3


Wooburn Narkovians 2nd XI

169 all out

Wooburn Narkovians lose by 7 wickets
Points: Wooburn Narkovians 7, Kidmore End 20
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Match Report

Walheed Hits Maiden Half-Century

Top of the league Kidmore End proved too strong for a below strength 2nd XI on Saturday winning by 7 wickets.

The game started late as most of the Wooburn side were stuck on the Henley Road, although as a consolation they did see the start of Henley\s game while \parked\ outside their ground waiting for the road to clear. However, finally the team arrived and, having won the toss, Angus confidently elected to bat.

Opening pair Derek Milsom & Angus Porter made a steady start and looked comfortable until Angus fell LBW to a ball that just didn\t bounce. The left-arm medium-pace of Emanuel was economical and when he bowled Milsom (18) with a good seaming delivery, Wooburn were struggling at 32-2.

Unfortunately, George Taylor was soon bowled by Green and at 43-3 Wooburn were looking in big trouble. Then Wahleed Hussain joined Rob Smith and the recovery began. Both batsmen looked comfortable and they set about trying to re-build the innings. The bowling was tight, especially from Green, but slowly the score mounted and finally Rob Smith fell LBW for 35 to the persistent Green - a fine partnership of 85 that gave Wooburn some hope of making a decent target to defend.

Wahleed continued to bat well and soon completed his maiden 50 for the club (first of many Wal - well batted!).

Unfortunately, once he was adjudged LBW, the innings rather fell away although a late flurry from Pete Harper and Ben Barker took the score to 169.

After a fine tea, the Kidmore innings got-off to a flying start due to the radar of the Wooburn attack being clearly lost in the confusion of the late arrival of the team.

Angus soon turned to the spin of Pete Harper and Charlie Ashford. Pete trapped Pidgen LBW for Wooburn\s first wicket. Charlie bowled superbly and claimed the wicket of Mohammed, but his control of line & length deserved much more. Infact, it should have been one, two or tree more, but we had better leaf that now.

Rhys Wheeler & Ben Barker also bowled well at the end, with Ben taking the wicket of New to a fine diving catch by Rob Smith.

Overall, in the circumstances, a very creditable performance with the colts showing that they have much to offer in this form of cricket.



Wooburn Narkovians 2nd XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
A. Porter lbw G. Van Vuuren 4
D. Milsom b R. Emmanuel 18 4
R.B. Smith lbw J. Green 35 4
G. Taylor b J. Green 2
W. Hussain lbw R. Emmanuel 52 7 1
M. Walters c S. Berry b J. Green 0
C. Ashford b J. Green 0
R. Wheeler c S. Hukri b R. Emmanuel 5 1
P.W. Harper not out 10 1
B. Barker c S. Hukri b J. Green 5
A. Barker run out () 0
Extras 0nb 28w 5b 3lb 36
Total (50.2 overs) 169-10
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
R. Emmanuel 17.2 4 55 3 3.1
G. Van Vuuren 10.0 1 46 1 4.6
J. Green 18.0 3 37 5 2.1
J. Rathore 5.0 0 23 0 4.6
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
17-1 A. Porter
32-2 D. Milsom
43-3 G. Taylor
128-4 R.B. Smith
138-5 M. Walters
141-6 W. Hussain
141-7 C. Ashford
153-8 R. Wheeler
168-9 B. Barker
169-10 A. Barker

Kidmore End 2nd XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
C.W. Pigden lbw P. Harper 38
M. New c R. Smith b B. Barker 53
S. Mohammed c M. Walters b C. Ashford 0
D. New not out 34
S. Hukri not out 0
S. Berry 0
G. Van Vuuren 0
J. Green 0
G. Ashby 0
R. Emmanuel 0
J. Rathore 0
Extras 0nb 26w 0b 5lb 31
Total (29.2 overs) 171-3
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
M. Walters 5.0 0 33 0 6.6
W. Hussain 2.0 0 30 0 15.0
P.W. Harper 7.0 0 31 1 4.4
C. Ashford 10.0 0 47 1 4.7
R. Wheeler 4.0 0 25 0 6.2
B. Barker 1.2 0 7 1 4.6
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
92-1 C. Pigden
93-2 S. Mohammed
168-3 M. New

Start Time: 12:30
Toss: Wooburn Narkovians won the toss and decided to bat.
Venue: Gallowstree Common, Kidmore End
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