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Saturday 8th August 2020 | TVL Division 5A

Amersham 3rd XI

180 - 7


Wooburn Narkovians 1st XI

272 - 6

Wooburn Narkovians win by 92 runs
Points: Wooburn Narkovians 22, Amersham 8
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Match Report

Greta starts to believe

Another sunny Saturday has rolled around and the mighty Narks are travelling to Amersham 3’s. This is a team that Wooburn legend Mark Tennant has history against by taking a club record 10 wickets for 8 runs against Amersham last year. There were two changes to this exciting youthful Narks squad this week, our vice captain Ben Cooper was having the time of his life at a ‘beach bar’ in the Isle of White and Will Cuthbert would miss out due do injury after splitting the webbing in his hand in last weeks game against Tring.
Entering the squad we had our left handed wizard James Frank White and a very special Guest appearance from one of our own ‘Chubbs’.

On arrival it was an absolutely scorching day at Little Kingshill with 8 of the 11 players arriving on time, but the three who were late all travelled to the game in the Sports Nut party bus. The candidates were Gerry, Johnson and Chubbs, the reason they were late was because Chubbs was still on the way home from an appointment. Meanwhile Johnson and Gerry arrived at his house and were then waiting for a solid 15 minutes as Chubbs decided whether to bring the Foot Joy golf shoes or the Very Village black trainers to play in. Then when the Party bus arrived at the ground and Gerry got out there were few shakes of the head and looks of despair from the Amersham team as they remembered what happened the season prior. Once all the Narks had turned up it was clear to see who were the more eager members of the team. You had the Wooburn youth warming up with some high catches in the blazing sun while the old guard decided to sit the warm up out and have a nice seat in the shade.

As the skippers strolled out to the square the only thing on the mind of Narks was the bat first. This is for two reasons, one because it was absolutely roasting and two because we did not want another Michael Farnon moment against Stoke Green. The Wooburn skipper won the toss and was more then happy to put us into bat. Opening up was Big Ben Barker and the all rounder himself Tom Wright. They were looking to get off to a flying start with Ben Barker playing out one of the most outrageous maiden overs where he tried to hit 6 bombs out of 6 with an incredibly high amount of bat speed and the back and across the stumps being pulled out every ball. Eventually the fireworks started with Ben Barker finding two balls in his slot which were both sent flying over the bowlers head and into a different field. Amersham made the breakthrough with an outrageous grab from their skipper which sent Barker on his way back the clubhouse for 25. Tom Wright and Ben Webber were the new pairing at the crease. Apart from some very interesting running calls from Ben Webber which nearly cut his innings short the two looked comfortable and settled at the crease and both were caught out after a classic respectable 32 from Wright and a 25 which was full of flair from Webber. So in at 4 we had one of the Older generation in the team in David Bushnell who had taken some advice onboard from the skipper on the golf course “Just hit bombs” and then in at 5 we had experienced club legend James Frank White. Bushnell was sticking to his advice from the skipper and rocking back to most balls and slapping them over the fielders heads. Then a moment of controversy when young gun Matt O’Regan is faced with a very easy LBW umpiring decision of out, but after a stone cold stare from Bushnell which would have intimidated anyone Matt O’Regan found the courage to say that it was going down leg, shortly after this Bushnell tried to hit a bomb but didn’t hit it cleanly and it was caught at long off after a quick fire 24. While all of this was going on James Frank White was looking as classy as ever at the crease with some beautiful cut shots for four and some textbook cover drives. He was joined at the crease by ‘sun stroke’ Johnson who had applied at least 3 layers of sun cream before going out to bat. His innings was very short lived after he stepped across his stumps and tried to flick the straight slower ball off his pads and missed and this wrapped up his innings for 1, when in reality this ball should have gone flying into another field for 6! Out strode last weeks batting hero Gerry he was ready to face one of their bowlers in particular ‘Roy’ because he is a spinner who doesn’t spin it. So the number six partnership in James Frank White and Gerry were ready to start firing, they started this with a few fours and nice quick running between the wickets before on 19 Gerry nailed the ball at point and it was a comfortable grab for the fielder. Now at the crease it was last weeks surprise package big Matt O’Regan. Mr White and O’Regan were looking to really push on and take our score to above 250 they managed to pull this off with a very quick 36* from big Matt with an absolute bomb over to cow corner just as his parents arrived to watch him and some unorthodox 4’s peppered to the rope, but the highlight of the innings was the James Frank White’s classy 76* filled with 10 fours and even one straight 6 which was met with a big roar at the clubhouse and even Mr White was happy to be the newest member on the 6’s leaderboard. Wooburn made 272 their highest score yet this season and the 40 extras that Amersham gave us helped immensely.

After David Bushnell had finished his delightful homemade pasta it was time
for the Narks to go and finish the job. Before going out to field Gerry had told Johnson to sun cream and hydrate at least 5 times during tea & so once he had hydrated the Narks were ready. Opening up we had Gerry hoping to recreate some of the magic from last season and at the other end we had the ‘King of extras’ Dan Broughton. Gerry had a very tidy first over and got a breakthrough against one of the openers with a plum LBW. After working on his run up in the week there was a lot of anticipation surrounding the amount of no balls that he would bowl. However, this week the no balls were not the problem, but 17 wides in his spell racked up a massive £12 fine for Dan. Gerry continued and finished a very tidy 11-1 off 8 overs, his morning yoga having a big part to play in this classy spell. Next on was floaty spinner ‘Chubbs’. The skipper backed him up and this paid off as he got the next wicket, the batsmen being tempted by the flight as he tried to smoke it for 6 and inside edged it onto his pads and then hit the stumps and the bails slowly fell leaving Amersham getting frustrated with their very slow run rate. At this point in the game you’ll have heard loud mouth keeper Matt O’Regan bellowing the same sledge “They need at least 10 an over here to win - pressure’s on” repeated 50 times and resulting in a fine for dead chat. Replacing Gerry was skipper Ben Barker he was charging and bowling a very tidy spell so far. At 20 overs they were 70-2 so Wooburn were in full control of the match. The first over after drinks Ben Barker got his first wicket with a packed offside field, because of the amount of swing he was getting, the batsmen tried to flick one off his pads for an easy two. Instead he top edged it straight up. No one was under it until Johnson came charging towards it and took a tough grab over his shoulder to put Amersham 70-3. Wooburn were piling the on pressure with O’Regan still repeating the same line over and over again. By some miracle this must have worked because the batsmen went for another big shot off Chubbs, the ball went flying to long on and Dan Broughton. With a lot of work still to do he went sliding stylishly in and took the catch. The spells of Chubbs (25-2 off 8) and Barker’s (18-1 off 5) were vital to the game for Wooburn and put Amersham out of sight so the skipper decided it was safe enough to bring on Johnson, who in his first over looked dangerous and had the ball swing in massively. He got his reward with a wicket trapping the Amersham batsmen on the full with impact on middle - it was always going to be given out. Johnson then proceeded to bowl some utter dross for the last 3 overs and ended on 32-1 off 4 overs. At the other end James Dolan came charging in off his 10 step run up hitting the spot and not giving Amersham any room to score runs, he got his reward as he frustrated the Amersham batsmen and sent the stumps flying and claimed his first league wicket for the 1’s. He finished his very tidy death bowling spell for 29-1 off 8. After James got his wicket, the Amersham batsmen played for their averages and decided to block out the remaining overs and not try and chase the score and get more points, this was met with some good chat from Wooburn and slight confusion. Finally, the last bowler of the day was our new super young gun Ben Webber, he got himself a wicket and finished his game 23-1 off 3. Amersham finished their innings for 180-7 and never troubled Wooburn who were clearly more up for this game and set the tone with the batting and very tidy bowling and fielding.

I would like to give a special mention to Matt O’Regan who had a great day at the crease but a nightmare day behind the stumps dropping 4 catches resulting in a £4 fine for this poor effort.

On a whole a great day for the Narks who continued to impress and were still sat pretty at the top of the league and continued their large celebrations in the usual manner.


Wooburn Narkovians 1st XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
T. Wright c D. Ward b D. Ward 32 5 0
B. Barker * c J. Briant b T. Kotapati 25 2 2
Webber c H. Fanning b C. Briant 25 4 0
D.W. Bushnell c L. Smith b M. Leech 24 4 0
J.F. White not out 76 10 1
L. Johnson lbw M. Leech 1 0 0
M.A. Tennant c C. Briant b L. Smith 13 2 0
M. O'Regan + not out 36 2 2
M.S. Tennant did not bat 0 0 0
D. Broughton did not bat 0 0 0
J. Dolan did not bat 0 0 0
Extras 1nb 33w 1b 5lb 40
Total (40.0 overs) 272-6
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
T. Kotapati 7.0 2 28 1 4.0
D. Ward 8.0 1 48 1 6.0
C. Briant 8.0 70 1 8.7
M. Leech 4.0 40 2 10.0
R. Sundiram 8.0 39 4.9
L. Smith 4.0 29 1 7.2
P. Weston 1.0 12 12.0
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
Sorry! Fall of Wicket information for this Wooburn Narkovians 1st XI innings has not been entered in the database.

Amersham 3rd XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
F.A. Bowcock lbw M. Tennant 4 0 0
P. Weston c L. Johnson b B. Barker 33 0 0
M.S. Leech b M. Tennant 10 0 0
J.S. Briant * c D. Broughton b M. Tennant 8 0 0
H. Fanning + b Webber 38 0 0
L. Smith lbw L. Johnson 10 0 0
S. Rizvi b J. Dolan 22 0 0
R. Sundiram not out 19 0 0
D. Ward not out 5 0 0
T. Kotapati did not bat 0 0 0
C. Briant did not bat 0 0 0
Extras 0nb 27w 4b 0lb 31
Total (40.0 overs) 180-7
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
B. Barker 5.0 18 1 3.6
Webber 3.0 23 1 7.7
L. Johnson 4.0 32 1 8.0
M.A. Tennant 8.0 4 11 1 1.4
M.S. Tennant 7.0 25 2 3.6
D. Broughton 5.0 35 7.0
J. Dolan 8.0 1 29 1 3.6
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
Sorry! Fall of Wicket information for this Amersham 3rd XI innings has not been entered in the database.

Start Time: 13:00
Toss: Wooburn Narkovians won the toss and decided to bat.
Venue: Shardeloes, Amersham
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