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Scorecard & Report
Saturday 29th August 2020 | TVL Division 5A

Wooburn Narkovians 1st XI

94 all out


Farnham Common 1st XI

204 - 6
Wooburn Narkovians lose by 110 runs
Points: Wooburn Narkovians 4, Farnham Common 22
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Match Report

Banned from the Antelope

Wooburn 1’s vs Farnham Common began at 9am with highly committed young guns Ben Barker, Ben Cooper and BIG Luke doing some ground maintenance, taking the cover off and then trying to figure out how the roller works. 11:30am comes along, wicket freshly squeezed and after some refuelling via Luke’s bacon rolls the warm up was well and truly in play, which unfortunately brings us to the first mistake of the day. Tom Wright in true Nottingham TRENT style decides to paint over the U12’s boundary line making one side of the ground a tad short to say the least…

Anyway, mighty Narks are up bowling first and Ben Barker started a tad loose (6 overs 1/11), but steps up and pins Farnhams big dog H Malik onto the back foot and plays it straight into DJB at gully. 1-0 barker on the day. Barker and BIG Will bowl well allowing James White and Bushnell to dry up the runs through the mid stage. Not much to say about this part to be honest, not many runs, an outrageous 6 into the river from ‘Felix’ and Bushnell finally finding the edge of ‘Ross’ who was on 45 at the time. This did however allow some fireworks to be let off for Farnham where boundaries were coming in thick and fast. Tom Wright payed the price for his actions before the game in 2 ways. Firstly he got smashed for 3 sixes in 2 overs and goes for 30 runs. He will receive his fine in the post this week. James ‘Road-Runner’ Dolan once again rattles through his overs picking up 2 wickets helping to reduce some damage for the Narks. DJB then comes on and bowls 4 overs picking up a wicket with NO EXTRAS which was much needed for the BIG man. Farnham finish on 204.

Tesco meal deals were in full flow over the tea break and got chopped in good time, meaning the usual Ben&Ben; opening partnership was away. The game plan was to take it on, which Barker did, bombing a 4 off Hassan, but then falling the next ball after top edging it very high. Barker then decides to carry on running his hopeful single and just run off the pitch, clearly trying to avoid a ‘just play properly!’ or a ‘shot kid’ from Tim Wright. Next came some awful chirp from Farnham which then inspired Coops to go back n across, with the ball landing just short of the river. Tom Wright then worked on his technique by putting some solid blocks in, about 32 times in a row, good work champ. He then gets out for 1, Bushnell is in. Coops hits a couple of fours, couple edges but well placed and then spooned one up to mid on which in all honesty should’ve been bouncing on Luke’s new drive. He finishes on 23. Bushnell managed to go one better and finally be dismissed on 24, which was a valiant effort. The rest of the order then all fall for below 20 combined, with BIG Luke securing a £3 fine for a golden duck to take his season average to 2.30 - not much really to discuss in the 2nd half of Wooburn’s innings as it didn’t last long, finishing 94 all out.

MOM goes to to Luke’s rabbit who gave up his sawdust for Malik to stamp on during the game. Another big shout out to Mrs Dolan, who when told Ben&Livvy; should move into a house 3 doors down from David Bushnell, replied with a ‘Oooh you don’t want to live there then’. Should’ve been followed it up with a ‘champ’ of some sorts. However on a sad note, for the first time since the beginning of the season there was not 1 member of Narks’ starting XI at the Antelope that evening, which is the painful price we had to pay for a below average performance. Apologies to Stu as I’m sure he only played so that he could come to Lope for a quality night out, your time will come. Some decent funds added to the fine pot (£2 each for losing) too which is always a great result.


Farnham Common 1st XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
R.W. Antrobus c C. Newman b D. Bushnell 45 0 0
H. Malick c D. Broughton b B. Barker 0 0 0
F. Dibsdall not out 73 0 0
T. Miso + lbw D. Broughton 46 0 0
R. Lochab c L. Johnson b J. Dolan 5 0 0
J. Hassan * b J. Dolan 8 0 0
S. Aamer run out (B. Barker) 13 0 0
A. Ali not out 0 0 0
C. Andrews did not bat 0 0 0
A. Ramzan did not bat 0 0 0
M. Akhtar did not bat 0 0 0
Extras 0nb 9w 0b 5lb 14
Total (40.0 overs) 204-6
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
B. Barker 6.0 1 11 1 1.8
W. Cuthbert 4.0 1 16 4.0
D.W. Bushnell 8.0 1 21 1 2.6
J.D. White 8.0 1 38 4.7
J. Dolan 8.0 53 2 6.6
T. Wright 2.0 30 15.0
D. Broughton 4.0 30 1 7.5
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
Sorry! Fall of Wicket information for this Farnham Common 1st XI innings has not been entered in the database.

Wooburn Narkovians 1st XI

Batter Runs Mins Balls 4s 6s SR
B. Cooper c b J. Hassan 23 2 1
B. Barker * c b J. Hassan 5 1 0
T. Wright c b H. Malick 1 0 0
D.W. Bushnell b S. Aamer 24 2 1
J.D. White c b H. Malick 0 0 0
C. Newman + b H. Malick 10 2 0
L. Johnson c b H. Malick 0 0 0
S. McLaughlin b H. Malick 1 0 0
D. Broughton lbw A. Ramzan 0 0 0
W. Cuthbert c b M. Akhtar 1 0 0
J. Dolan not out 6 1 0
Extras 1nb 13w 3b 6lb 23
Total (30.5 overs) 94-10
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Econ
H. Malick 8.0 4 11 5 1.4
F. Dibsdall 5.0 1 15 3.0
J. Hassan 8.0 2 20 2 2.5
S. Aamer 2.0 8 1 4.0
C. Andrews 5.0 23 4.6
A. Ramzan 2.0 3 1 1.5
M. Akhtar 0.5 5 1 3.8
Fall of Wicket Batsman Out
Sorry! Fall of Wicket information for this Wooburn Narkovians 1st XI innings has not been entered in the database.

Start Time: 12:30
Toss: Wooburn Narkovians won the toss and decided to bowl.
Venue: Wooburn Park
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